March 10, 2016

The Division Impressions & Review

The Division has gone a long way from it’s initial, very impressive E3 reveal in 2013. A lot of uncertainty has spilled forth, as information about the game was scare, and the hype seemed unreal. Watch Dogs played a big role: a similar open world concept with fantastic, next generation graphics and seemingly innovative gameplay. The problem with Watch Dogs was the game did not live up to its hype, and The Division seemed almost destined to follow a similar course.

The good news is that The Division largely lives up to the vision it shared in that famous 2013 trailer. The graphics, real-time lighting, detailed New York city landscape, and RPG/FPS hybrid gameplay are all in excellent form. And hey, you even shut the doors for cars you’re using as cover. Wicked.

The bad news is that The Division is only as fun as your expectations let them be. It’s not an open world survival game. There is very little inspiration from games like DayZ or Rust: there’s no urge to survive, no resources to collect, no constant countdown that is pushing you forward. It doesn’t have a deep PVP. It’s not a true MMO. The strengths lie in it’s co-op gameplay elements, and really shines when you can work through the game in a group of 2 or 3 other people. Sadly, groups are limited to 4, which can seem a bit limiting at times. Still, it’s enough to enjoy a really compact co-op game.

The graphics, sounds, customization, and environments are all next-generation, amazingly rendered, and have blown my expectations quite a few times.

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