January 2, 2016

Another year, another blog.

It’s 2016. A lot of interesting, unique, and shareable stories and moments have happen for me. It’s been a great year, I’ve just done a bad job at sharing these stories on the blog.

I’ve visited Tampa, New York City, Tampa, DC, and various smaller destinations through Virgina and West Virginia just in the past month or so. Been an awesome couple weeks, but also super busy. Going to be posting a few photos and blogs as soon as I have a bit more time.

In other news, been making progress on two notable side projects: a redesign for an online TV station” and a website launch for an eSports VOD startup. I’ve also been working with a few close friends in putting together a weekly podcast / gaming livestream show. Really excited about that. January is shaping up to be another busy, yet awesome month.

Hope to set aside some time for writing, photos, and updating this blog a bit more in the future. Here’s to 2016!

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